AI-powered telemedicine diagnostic solution

HDScan program combines a high-resolution HD 12M pixel camera with our proprietary technology of color calibration to provide accurate diagnoses during telemedicine visits in the fields of dermatology, otolaryngology, and dentistry. To have your skin or tongue examined, open the HDScan app and take a picture of the affected area. The app uses AI technology to color-correct the image and detect potentially affected areas. A team of HDScan Canada has been working on product development since 2021 and has finally completed the prototyped which offers “Function to detect tongue cancer”, now available on the website for basic verification of operation.

Dr. CHIA-CHENG CHANG is the CEO, HDScan Canada Inc. He is an internationally-recognized neurosurgeon with 40 years’ medical experience. He has delved into the subject of neurosurgery since 1984 and obtained a PhD in neurosurgery in 1989. He acted as the Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery with Yokohama City University in Japan. In 2000, he visited Mayo clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, Mount Sinai hospital in New York, and University of California San Diego, as a visiting scholar. He founded and has served as Director of his own Neurosurgical Clinic since 2011. He is an active member of a number of academic and professional societies including The Japan Neurosurgical Society, The Japan Stroke Society, The Japanese Society of Normal Pressure Hydrocephalus, The Japan Society for Dementia Research, and others.

Hiromi Fukunishi contributes extensive professional experience, encompassing customer relations and translation services including for clinical trials for the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, Japan. Ms. Fukunishi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Linguistics and a Certificate in Medical Assisting.