Get pre-diagnosis scans from your smart phone

Our innovative technology allows you to scan for potential ailments right from your mobile device at a fraction of the cost compared to traditional checkups

Easy to scan anytime, anywhere

Our easy to use app will allow you to quickly scan for any potential ailments that can be shared with your doctor, regular scans can help you avoid expensive and harmful issues in the future.

Our packages are budget friendly for everyone

Medicare is very expensive, even a single scan can cost thousands. With HDScan we can do several scans that are budget friendly. We believe that healthcare should be affordable.

Build by an international medical team

HDScan has been built by expert medical professionals with international experience in identifying ailments from skin, eye and tongues.

How does HDScan work?

Our innovative app simply needs specific pictures to run a digital diagnostic. Using advanced technology, machine learning and AI, HDScan then produces a report pre-diagnosing any areas of concern.

Real time analysis

The HDScan app runs on any phone with a browser and uses your webcam to take photos (you may upload previously taken photos as well) which will then be scanned in real-time via our proprietary HDScan AI Engine. During the BETA we will support scanning your tongue images to look for any ailments. You will receive a PDF report with the scan results and possible recommendations to healthcare professionals if any ailment is found.

Remote Pre-Diagnostics

HDScan is starting to be used by individuals to monitor their health remotely, especially during the pandemic. The convenience not only helps you but also reduces the load on the national health system. This means less queues when you are ready to see a doctor.
  • No long queues, long drives, risks of catching diseases while visiting health clinics. HDScan operates from the convenience of your phone.
  • HDScan also allows you to scan for any health changes or issues more frequently. Our multi-scan package subscriptions allow you to keep you aware of any changes to your health.

Sign up for our BETA version

Our BETA version is now open for sign up, register and upload your tongue image scans for a free HDScan.
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Helping you prevent diseases by pre-diagnosing any ailments at the convenience of your smartphone.

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